Social benefits at federal level

In December 2019 a total of 2 829 221 pensions were paid out, consequently an increase of 1.2% was recorded according to the umbrella Organisation of Austrian Social Security Institutions. Of all pensions 85% came from statutory pension insurance and 12% were civil servants’ pensions. The remainder consisted of pensions received from accident insurance institutions (3%) and different pension benefits for war and military service victims (0.4%).

The 2020 annual average for the number of persons receiving unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance was 362 160 (+94 276 or +35.2% compared to 2019). 51% of beneficiaries received unemployment benefit, 49% unemployment assistance. More men (55%) than women (45%) drew unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance.

Amounting to the expenditure of €7.0 bn in 2019, the benefits paid out of the Family Burdens Equalisation Fund (FLAF) are the most important instruments in support of families in Austria. In December 2019 1 754 854 family allowances and childcare benefits were funded for 115 085 mothers and fathers according to the Federal Chancellery.

In 2019, an annual average figure of 463 662 people received federal long-term care allowance (including persons with an inactive care allowance entitlement). The annual expenditure (excluding administrative costs) was around €2.64 bn.

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