Press release: 12.485-075/21

Foreign trade January 2021: sharp decline in imports (-10.4%) and exports (-9.5%)

Vienna, 2021-04-07 – In January 2021, total imports amounted to €11.34 bn and total exports added up to €11.11 bn, according to preliminary results by Statistics Austria. Compared to January 2020, Austrian imports decreased by 10.4% and Austrian exports declined by 9.5%. The balance of trade thus showed a deficit of €0.23 bn. Working-day adjusted, the rates of decrease were 4.3% for imports and 2.4% for exports.

The Intra-EU-imports from other members of the European Union declined by 9.4% and amounted to €7.66 bn. The Intra-EU-exports also decreased (-6.9%, €7.75 bn). The Brexit was finally completed and therefore the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union. In January 2021, there was a sharp decline in both trade flows with UK, imports decreased by 42.1%, exports by 29.2%.

For more detailed information please refer to the German version. Visualisations of the foreign trade data for 2020 are available in the ITGS-Atlas, the interactive tree maps on imports as well as exports and a bar diagram.