Consumption expenditure

The Household Budget Survey (HBS) provides information about consumption expenditure and living standard of private households. It is conducted as a sample survey among private households. The HBS describes spending behaviour of households in Austria in detail and informs about demographic and socio-economic characteristics. The Household Budget Survey is carried out every five years (until 1993/94 it was conducted in a 10 year interval).

The results shed light on the consumption habits of Austrian households and provide information on living standard and living conditions of different social groups. The data also provide the basis for studies of the distribution of consumption expenditure within different types and sizes of households or special subpopulations, also in combination with household income or the possession of consumer durables.

Furthermore, the weights used for the construction of consumer price indices (CPI/HICP) are obtained from the HBS. Expenditure data from the Household Budget Survey is also used in the System of National Accounts (SNA) to validate the results of calculations relating to private consumption; at the level of the federal provinces (NUTS2) it is also an analysis tool used for calculating household accounts as part of the Regional Accounts (RGR).

This website contains results, analyses and background information on the Household Budget Surveys 2019/20, 2014/15, 2009/10, 2004/05 and 1999/00.

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Verbrauchsausgaben - Hauptergebnisse der Konsumerhebung 2009/10
This publication presents the main results of the Austrian Household Budget Survey 2009/10. In five-year intervals this survey provides information about the expenditures, the possession of consumer ...

Release date: 08/2011 ISBN:978-3-902703-97-2




(PDF, 2 MB)


Verbrauchsausgaben - Hauptergebnisse der Konsumerhebung 2014/15
This publication presents the main results of the Austrian Household Budget Survey 2014/15. In five-year intervals this survey provides information about expenditures, possession of consumer durables ...

Release date: 03/2017 ISBN:978-3-90310631-1




(PDF, 5 MB)


Verbrauchsausgaben 2009/10 Sozialstatistische Ergebnisse der Konsumerhebung
This publication presents an analysis of the Household Budget Survey 2009/10 according to socio-demographic characteristics. This in-depth analysis goes beyond the already published results on main ...

Release date: 02/2012 ISBN:978-3-902791-21-4




(PDF, 2 MB)


Verbrauchsausgaben 2019/20 Sozialstatistische Ergebnisse der Konsumerhebung
After the publication of the main results of the Austrian Household Budget Survey 2019/20 this publication presents an in-depth analysis of sociodemographic characteristics. It focuses on consumption ...

Release date: 03/2022 ISBN:978-3-903393-09-7




(PDF, 2 MB)

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