Travel habits

Travel intensity

65.6 %
Gone up vs. previous year

Number of holiday travelers

5.0 million
Gone up vs. previous year

Number of holiday trips

16.1 million
Gone up vs. previous year


The survey on the travel habits of the Austrian resident population records the number and profile of trips made in Austria and abroad within a quarter (e.g. purpose of travel, choice of means of transport, travel destination, expenditure). The socio-demographic profile (e.g. gender, age) of travellers and non-travellers is also collected. For this purpose, about 3 500 people per quarter are interviewed by telephone or online. The results are updated quarterly and serve to evaluate the economic importance of tourism and are the basis for tourism policy decisions. Internally, the data flows into the calculations of the travel balance of payments and the tourism satellite account (TSA).

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Holiday and business trips of the Austrian resident population by destination - domestic and abroad 1st quarter 2022 (chart)

S: STATISTICS AUSTRIA, Travel habits. Compiled on 24 June 2022. – Rounding differences are technically caused.

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2022-05-04 file Number of holiday trips increased in 2021, but still well below 2019 pre-crisis level
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